Proposals on this website are for indicative purpose only. Each and every event is planned to our customer’s individual preferences and requirements.

We may assist on decoration of the venue, in providing floral arrangements, preparing menu and name cards, hiring musicians, etc.

In order to secure your reservation, a down payment of 50% of the total cost is required, once the function has been confirmed. Balance is due within 2 weeks from the date of the event.

The host shall take full responsibility for any loss or damage of property on premises or venue.

We welcome any feedback and appreciate any complaints within 24 hours after the event


For self-collection in Stanley there is no minimum charge. It would be expected that customers would be returning any containers and dishes being used to arrange the food.

2 working hours for setting-up by an experienced chef will be charged should the total invoice of a delivery be below of HK$ 6000.

For events with a total food bill of HK$ 6000 an experienced chef will be attending at no charge.

-   STAFF FEE  -

Floor Staff 

Charge per waiter and per hour (min. of 4 hours)

Additional taxi fee will be charged if there is no public transport available at the venue.

HK$ 90

Kitchen Staff 

Charge per chef and per hour (min. of 4 hours)

This charge will be applied only if the total food bill is below HK$ 6000 and if a chef is needed for preparation and replenishment during the event.

HK$ 260

Island South HK$ 400

Hong Kong Island without Island South HK$ 700

Kowloon & New Territories HK$ 800


For further enquiries contact us at 2813 7707